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Cannagar by The Puro Co.

One of my favorite things to accompany an infused beverage after the hour of noon strikes is a cannagar. I’ve tasted dozens of them and find that the art and science of cannagars far exceed the basic pre-rolls that clutter the marketplace. That’s not to say that all pre-rolls are the same, some are far better than others. But first, what is a cannagar?

A cannagar is similar to a blunt. The cannagar comes rolled up in either a hemp wrapper or a tobacco shell (or wrap) to resemble the finest cigar. Instead of tobacco in the filling, the cannagars that I enjoy come stuffed full of the best things on earth, specifically cannabis. I love cannagars and they provide many hours of bemusement. This is because they burn extremely slowly. Did I tell you never to ash your cannagar? Take this as important advice. Do not ash your cannagar.

When I was out in California in December, I discovered a new line of cannagars that completely blew me away. The Puro Co in Los Angeles is producing hand-rolled cigarillos – i.e. mini cigar wrapper cannagars that I can enjoy by myself without the stress of putting the “gar” out, midway of finishing it. 

Traditionally, cannagars weigh in somewhere north of three and a half grams making them very difficult for me to finish alone. Truth has it that I’m not sharing joints any longer. With COVID, I’m not seshing with others. The enjoyment of a three or more gram size cannagar is certainly better with a crowd, instead of alone. Sure, I can cut the business end off with a cigar cutter, but once smoke has passed through my “gar” it will taste of the tobacco leaf all the way through. I much prefer my “gars” to be freshly burned. 

By producing a 1.5 gram “Purito,” I can enjoy the experience of the much more expensive cannagars without any waste. 

These cannagars and the three gram cannabis cigar are my great big discovery that I wished I had written about months ago, but I didn’t have the chance to enjoy The Puro Co at that time. 

It’s never too late! 

With a cannabis infused libation in my left hand and a Puro Cannagar in my right hand, I’d say my afternoon will be rather buzz filled. To say the very least. 


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