Cannabis Cares Shows A Different Side Of Cannabis

Group of Cannabis Cares individuals in Downtown LA.

Cannabis Cares is a movement started to show the world a different side of cannabis, the successful side, the active side, the side that cares about people of cannabis, not just the plant. For ages cannabis has been seen as a villain in the community despite all the wonders it works for that same community that has criticized it. Now that cannabis business is developing and the world is learning more about CBD and cannabis, Devin and Nichole are pushing the needle. I Love Trees is helping to educate and eradicate the negative stigma wherever possible. Cannabis Cares hosted the second feed the people event, where cannabis, CBD, and related companies gathered in skid row, downtown Los Angeles, fed 2000 people and had clothes for 1800. Shirley and her company @beauty2thestreets came out and gave haircuts for the less fortunate and Lock and Vegas led the Fighters For the World Mc that day helping break the stigma as well. Some of the companies that sponsored this event were: 

@itsilovetrees I Love Trees

@cannabistalk101 Cannabis Talk 101

@packwoods.official Packwoods Dreamr

@gpen G pen

@monarkglass Monark Glass

@thechiefingchef The Chiefing Chef

@spray420 Spray 420

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