Chris Ball of Ball Family Farms in the flowers
Chris Ball of Ball Family Farms “BALL FAMILY FARMS”

This is an excerpt from an email I received. Reprinting it is relevant because reading the words help paint a picture of passion in growing truly exceptional cannabis.

I recently read your article ‘Cut & Dry Platinum Bubba Kush Aka: Play Charms My Palate’ on Forbes and found it very insightful in regards to your explanation of effects, taste notes and Cut & Dry’s approach to growing. Would you be interested in expanding on the subject of unique cultivars as they pertain to standing out in an oversaturated market? Did you know there’s only around twelve cultivars and their various hybrids based on terpene distinction and THC/CBD/CBG analysis in the modern market? Regardless of unique names, plant genetics in the industry are fairly homogeneous. Why? Most cultivators want to maximize profit by minimizing the time it takes to flip crops and cutting corners (like pheno-hunting) they think consumers won’t notice.–pheno-hunting-chris-ball-ball-family-farms-2020/#313b958459bb