An Interview with Bloom Farms President of Sales, Distribution & CBD: Sally Nichols

Bloom Farms
Sally is known throughout the cannabis industry for her deep understanding of market structure and dynamics and her expertise in brand and product development, sales strategy, and fundraising.

Cannabis With A Conscience: Bloom Farms

I love Bloom Farms. Originally I discovered them through their fantastic 510 cartridges. I’ve recently fallen in love with their ultra-high-end flowers.
They do what I want them to do!

Historically I’ve had concern over CBD products, as there is a similarity (in my mind) to the unregulated vitamin market of the 1970s. Those who are old enough to remember may find that everyone who had a mailing address was selling a cure for almost every ailment, in the form of this little pill, or salve, or powder to be taken four times a day. The FDA and the FTC frowns upon multi-level marketing method of “healing” without the phrase, “This drug has not been evaluated by the FDA….”

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