5 Ways To Celebrate 710 With The Cannabis Community In 2020

cannabis concentrate
A peek inside the Peak Extracts Lab in Portland, Oregon.
Photo credit: Sam Gehrke

On July 10th (710), the cannabis community celebrates all things concentrates. The terminology goes like this — 710, the word “oil” spelled upside down, is the “stoner” holiday that occurs every year on July 10th. A tongue placed firmly in the cheek of “stoner” lore, 710 has become a full-fledged celebration of all things concentrates and oils; and it embraces the more scientific and technical aspects of the cannabis industry, such as the laboratories that turn flower into oil, the scientists and extractors who are constantly innovating in the space, the tools we use (like the Puffco Peak) to consume concentrates, and the people who adore these methods of consumption. This special day occurs just a few months after the more widely known holiday 420 on April 20th, a day that celebrates cannabis culture and activism. So this year, on this day, take a moment to appreciate the magical fluid we call cannabis oil in all of its many formulations!

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