Let’s talk about 22Red. I haven’t been so enthusiastic about high THC cannabis in a while, so let me bring some flavors and aromatics into your mind.

The hybrid version, boasting THC levels of 28%, immediately captures my imagination. Way off in the distance, I sense a wood-boring insect, perpetually drilling into my cerebral cortex. It’s not unpleasant, quite the opposite. It’s a very pleasurable sensation. I crave the point that the awareness touches inside my intellect. It’s profound and exciting all at the same time.

Coming into view, a similar sensation, but this time the location of the pleasure is in the writing portion of my brain. I’m excited to report that the Jellymintz strain is perfect for intellectual pursuits. I’m peacefully relaxed and happy to get to work. I want to go scrub the bathtub or do laundry. This strain is very proactive and fun!

It’s gorgeous looking in the small glass jar containing just over 3.5 grams of Los Angeles-grown, indoor (gourmet) cannabis flower. Dark purple in overall color, there are snippets of orange and fluorescent green in the tangle of dark to light.

The aromatics are spicy with a touch of European petrol, crushed salt crystals, and snipped fall herbs.

Bringing up the rear of the aromatics comes a touch of Thai chilies, a slight burn but not overwhelming. Fun stuff to twist up into a joint, not that I can do that. But a man may dream!

Photo Credit: 22Red Website

Jellymintz Tasting Notes


Brightly aromatic with droplets of diesel fuel and tarragon. After crushing in my Gemini grinder, I’m taken by the unmistakable aroma of old-time: Choward’s Violet Chewing Gum… and crushed salt-slicked stones. Shooting directly up my nose. Spicy and enthusiastic! I’m getting it!


Soft and earthy with touches of cream soda and roasted celery root slaw. This is perfectly cured cannabis with a serious kick. It gets me really high just imagining the experience as it unfolds.


I’m massively grooving on only a couple of small hits from my Session borosilicate- one hit mini-joint. I must preface….. This is not cannabis for the inexperienced or the meek. It’s not as overwhelming as some of the “concentrate or hash infused” herbs that I’ve smoked recently, but this flower is not infused. It’s gorgeous flower, expertly grown, with love. It oozes the passion of the grower…….. (And especially the person who does the curing, bravo!) I’ve always said that curing cannabis is a true art form. To look towards those tobacco curing sheds down South. Airflow, aromatics, history, perfection… I’m just old-fashioned, but the curing is my passion. “Almost anyone can grow cannabis,” said a mentor of mine. “Curing it is the true art form…”


I feel excited and interested in discussing the satisfaction of smoking some 22Red Jellymintz with the anticipation that you try some and experience the exhilaration that I enjoyed.

Good stuff!

Photo credit: 22Red Website

22Red cont.

I’m a massive fan of strains that remind me of the Sours that I grew up around the New York area. Sour this and Sour that. NY Sour Diesel was the one that captured my memories the most. Every time that I smell it, I’m plunged back to the early 1990s all over again.

I was fortunate to grow up in the near proximity of New York City and Massachusetts, where great weed could be found with just a telephone number…So the acquisition of ultra-high quality artisanal cannabis was never difficult for me, nor too far to get the good good.

I worked for many years in the television engineering business, and let me tell you, superb weed was everywhere in the field of sound. Recording engineers had a “higher” sensibility about them. Cannabis as good as 22Red was always available to the intellect, which meant someone in the recording industry. I’m glad there is more of this around my world in California. It makes traveling much more pleasurable.

At the time, great weed was a certainty in NYC along with a very welcome clientele from young, intellectual “stoners” like me. 22Red So Delicious reminds me of that era in each puff. It’s truly a history lesson for the intellectually driven cannabis imbiber like myself. Each draw brings a pleasant sour apple flavor, melting into caramelized orange zest and dense, sour cherries on the finish. The cure must be as pertinent as the smoke itself, with pools of shimmering molten sugar leading into balsamic vinegar and funky rum notes. I love the So Delicious for more reasons, such as snipped fennel, icy cold buttermilk, candy corn, and licorice candy. This is sophisticated cannabis for the appreciative, gourmet aficionado.

Photo credit: 22Red Website


Bitter Chocolate on the nose, delving into dribbles of Chartreuse VEP (the old stuff) and shovelfuls of loam. There are other scents and flavors coming into view such as tomato skin, cinnamon shavings, and lead pencil. Marvelous…

Well cured with no coughing in evidence. This is the benchmark of indoor-grown cannabis with a twist. That is a really lively experience that transcends the usual into a deeply evocative journey. To the place not known, yet never forgotten.


Can’t you tell? IT TAKES ME THERE… wow.. finally.


I’m experienced.. have you been experienced? It’s pretty clear what time it is.

Note: These strains are available at California STIIIZY dispensaries.