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Artisan Cannagar

Artisan Cannagar

Last month was my sixtieth birthday. And with this said, for my birthday I enjoyed a particularly wonderful cannagar, one completely hand-made by Artisan Cannagars. It was a six gram version, all flower and no extracts. I smoked it over several days, it was that succulent. Patience is a virtue with a cannagar, especially if you smoke it without the assistance of another person. Artisan hand-crafts their cannagars using the finest ingredients available. I’m particularly happy to announce that I had taken a break from smoking for a week or so because I had some work done in my mouth. My dentist told me to stop smoking for a bit. When I finally started using cannabis again, the first thing that I smoked was the six gram Artisan Cannagar. Impressive to say the very least. They do amazing work with the plant. There is something really sophisticated about smoking a luxury cannagar. There is no mistaking what it is and what a cannagar represents. Pure indulgence!

Artisan Cannagars from California.

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Warren Bobrow is the CEO of Klaus Apothicaire, a 6x Author, Chef, Barman, Cannabis Alchemist, Master Mixologist. Some of his cannabis awards include: SXSW Cannabis Disruptor 2018, Berlin Bar Convent-Cannabis, and Moscow Bar Show-Master Class-Rum. He is the author of Cannabis Cocktails, Mocktails, and Tonics, Available in Indie Bookstores, Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Indigo Books. See his cannabis creations on instagram.