James Choe • Co-Founder/CEO • Vessel Brand, Inc. Getting Granular In Five Questions

Formula Series Vessel Brand
formula series white 

Background on Vessel: We are based in Carlsbad, California. We officially launched in October of 2018, starting in out of our founders garage and have skyrocketed ever since. We now have a beautiful, two story, state of the art office in the “Carlsbad Research Center” next to the Callaway Golf Headquarters. The most notable vape pen battery we have is our “wood series” which is one of the only vape pens on the market to feature real wood. This is what started the buzz around our brand, in addition to our creative. Since, we’ve launched cases, charge stands, and have plenty more products in the works for 2020. In late 2019, we launched the B2B sector of our business offering custom designs and colors for select brands in the United States and Canada. 

Notable Press/Partnerships: We recently partnered with at the MJBIZ Conference in Las Vegas. We are the first company Leafly has ever partnered with at such an event, and we are honored it was at the world’s largest cannabis conference. Rolling Stone also listed us as one of the “cannabis products we love” in an online editorial as well as featured us in their 2019 “Weed” issue. The Rolling Stone coverage was an unpaid, a purely organic mention. 

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