Cannabis Companies Give Back During Devastating California Fires

The California wildfires have wreaked havoc on over 3.5 million of acres of land and have displaced countless people all along the West Coast. These wildfires are unprecedented, destroying crops and homes alike. The dust and ash have polluted our sunny blue skies and turned them into an apocalyptic scene, causing very unhealthy air quality. Firefighters and frontline workers are working tirelessly to mitigate this disastrous destruction taking place. Cannabis growers generally harvest and process their plants for distribution in October and now face the challenge of diminished supplies and increasing consumer demands. Some notable cannabis brands have been doing their part to give back to their communities and provide some hope and relief during this dire time of need. 

  • Platinum Vape: Founded in San Diego, Platinum Vape has grown to become one of the most well-known names in Southern California cannabis. The brand witnessed the damage from the wildfires and decided to donate $5000 to the CalFire Benevolent Foundation, an organization that supports firefighters and their families in times of personal crisis.
  • Mondo: Cannabis brand Mondo, known for their dissolvable CBD powder, recognized the tremendous strain on frontline workers who have been selflessly helping others and taking care of their communities. Mondo wanted to provide some necessary relief to them and are giving away a free jar of their CBD powder to firefighters, healthcare and government workers to help resolve some of the pain and anxiety they may be experiencing during these trying times. 
  • Henry’s Original: Providing support for evacuees and farmers in Mendocino County, Henry’s Original has offered to store other grower’s licensed products for the time being. 

These companies have generously shown their support during such a stressful and straining time for California residents, frontline workers and cannabis businesses and we thank them for their continued services and contributions.