[Photo: Warren M. Bobrow]

12 Sips and Scenes from Tales of the Cocktail 2011

It’s been said that the sun should be warm over your toes before you have a cocktail—but here in New Orleans, at the site of Tales of the Cocktail, the cocktail shakers never stop making their sing-song sound of rattling ice. The frost of the cold forms on the sides of the shaker. You listen for the snap of the first pour into the chilled glass. It’s all about craft, and everyone here is ready to celebrate.

At the William Grant event over at the WW2 museum the clock stopped in 1945. You find yourself at Jackson Square—in between having your Tarot cards read—there are more cocktails. The Carousel Bar at the Hotel Monteleone is like a circus without animals—the bar moves around the room like a merry-go-round.

At Tales of the Cocktail, there are new products from almost every brand, new technologies to explore, and old drinks to rediscover. Check out some of our favorites sips and scenes in the slideshow »

If you haven’t yet made your reservations for next year, it’s not too late. My advice is to start drinking heavily right now…You’ll need to get your body in shape and this isn’t a 10K race, it’s century marathon, a history lesson in every glass.

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