11 Of Our Favorite Cannabis Journalists To Follow On Twitter

Cannabis journalists spread the word on industry-related happenings across the globe. Whether it’s local or international news, these reporters have shared stories on all channels, sometimes gaining traction through just a single tweet.

We love following cannabis journalists on Twitter because they share their own insights about the industry while paying close attention to report accurately and fairly. They allow us to partake in experiences with them, whether it’s baking ziti, traveling the world, or learning incredibly timely updates in the industry.

This holiday season, we wanted to give thanks to these cannabis journalists who allow us to get a glance at their perspectives. We thought a great way to show our appreciation would be to showcase some of these rockstar reporters. So, we’ve compiled a list of our 11 favorite cannabis journalists to follow on Twitter.

We thought the number 11 would be a perfect fit. Some say it’s unbalanced. Asymmetrical. We think there’s something special about this truly unique number. Even though 11 can’t begin to quantify the number of journalists we love to follow on Twitter, we thought it’d be a great start to shine some light on some of our favorites.

Warren Bobrow

Warren Bobrow, dubbed “the cocktail whisperer” by some, knows a thing or two about how to add a certain flair to drinks, lightening them up with the addition of THC. He also knows how to apply that flair to his Twitter, and that’s what makes him one of our faves. Much like Andrew Ward, Warren is quite responsive on Twitter, and if you have a question for him, he’ll most likely get back to you.