Cocktail hour with Warren Bobrow – A Limerick for Laurel cocktail There was a fine gal named Laurel. Who never put up with any Quarrel She married fair Bill Whose true voice that she willed So there would never be bitters to spoil!   The clouds are rushing in thisContinue Reading

Magic Monk’s Eventual Dream Punch by: Warren Bobrow-Cocktail Whisperer Warren Bobrow January 12, 2012 Pardon my fuzzy photography from my ancient iPhone- I had to capture this picture with the camera I had on hand.  This drink came together after a particularly unpleasant day yesterday.  My day started with twoContinue Reading

Warren Bobrow’s Cocktail Hour: Tropical enlightenment with the Walking Buddha Cocktail Cocktail Whisperer Warren Bobrow whisks us away to warmer climates with this week’s cocktail. Cocktail inspiration comes from the internet- driven media as well as my twisted sense of my often enlightened self. This morning I was reading theContinue Reading

  Warren Bobrow’s Cocktail Hour – The Veritable Mind Eraser Cocktail Writing about Rum comes easily to me because my late step-father was very fond of Rum. He and my mom owned an ocean going yacht and it made for a comfortable passage from island to island in the searchContinue Reading

sterilize some Ball jars pit out some nice black cherries fill jars and add a couple sprigs of lemon thyme add a pinch of cardamom top with brandy seal and refrigerate for a week or so- no peeking! enjoy in a cocktail or over ice cream!

Rediscovering Gin Reprinted from “Foodista Magazine Warren Bobrow November 6, 2011 Rediscovering Gin by: Warren Bobrow cocktail whisperer Gin is suddenly hot again.  I didn’t forget Bourbon, nor have I forgotten Vodka.  I still take a sip of Absinthe now and again.  But for a slurp of flavor, packed withContinue Reading