Cabotella: A Fabulous Craft-Style Beer from Cabo Warren Bobrow March 31, 2013 9 I’ve fallen for a new craft beer.  Lock, stock and barrel is the term most commonly used.   I cannot explain my passion for this beer other than to say it’s a huge surprise. The first surpriseContinue Reading

GARTENDING: BLAME IT ON RIO     “You have to learn the rules of the game. And then you have to play better than anyone else.” –Albert Einstein   I wanted to lead off this week’s adventure with this quote from the Beekman Boys Facebook page.  If you didn’t know,Continue Reading

Rum, Please Forgive Me! Warren Bobrow November 13, 2012 Rum: Please forgive me.  I didn’t forget you to bourbon, nor gin.  Certainly you haven’t seen me review or even discuss candy flavored vodka- why is that so popular?  I didn’t forget you to Scotch, nor did I give you upContinue Reading

I was asked to provide some “healthy” cocktails for Prevention Magazine… Here they are: Recipes for the healthy tippler By Mandy Oaklander Photo credit: Mandy Oaklander Surprised We’re Not In Reno Warren Bobrow’s smoky twist on the vodka cola uses natural ingredients. No high fructose corn syrup in sight! “It’s healingContinue Reading

October 9, 2012 I’ll admit it.  I’m a carnivore.  There is nothing I like more than tucking into a slab of dry-aged PRIME Beef.  My favorite way of cooking dry aged beef is very simple. Let the steak come to room temperature to relax the muscle.  Rub the steak withContinue Reading Gartending: Lil’ Cowboy By Warren Photo: Warren Bobrow, Leica M8 For the Spring and Summer growing season, we bring you a new feature at Beekman 1802, the Soused Gnome.  He’ll teach  you how to “gartend”–create perfect seasonal cocktails using fresh ingredients from the garden. Klaus has been visiting farmers marketsContinue Reading