TweetCannabis journalists spread the word on industry-related happenings across the globe. Whether it’s local or international news, these reporters have shared stories on all channels, sometimes gaining traction through just a single tweet. We love following cannabis journalists on Twitter because they share their own insights about the industry whileContinue Reading

TweetVitaly Mekk Bio:  Vitaly Mekk is the CEO and Co-Founder of the Bloom, an industry-leading cannabis extract brand. With a decade of cannabis experience, Vitaly and his team pioneered the manufacturing process for pure, flavorful cannabis products through cutting-edge ethanol extraction technologies. In 2014, Vitaly launched the Bloom to provide consumersContinue Reading

TweetGin is huge in Berlin! Really. Especially Spanish Gin. At the recent Berlin Bar Convent I discovered that vodka is dead and gin is in! The favorite way to enjoy gin in Berlin is the classic gin and tonic, but that is where the drink that we know in theContinue Reading

TweetI love the flavors of Greater Goods — Mint Hibiscus Chocolate, Mocha Crunch Chocolate, Orange Ginger Chocolate and Marshmallow Bon Bons. When I started digging a bit deeper and I saw that Greater Goods founders, wife and husband team Carrie Solomon and Jody Ake, are the duo behind Oregon-based recreational cannabis company LeifContinue Reading