An Interview With Puffco CEO Roger Volodarsky, Concentrates Elevated

Roger Volodarsky
Roger Volodarsky initially founded Puffco – the industry’s premier vaporizer company – on a dare from a friend. Photo courtesy of Puffco. COURTESY: PUFFCO

I’m intrigued by technology when it makes my job easier. Take the Puffco Peak, for example. This is quite the invention, and I am quite fond of it. Historically, I’ve shied away from vaporizers that use concentrates. The potency of the materials themselves have bothered my equilibrium in the past, making the circumstances of smoking “dabs” most unpleasant to say the very least. Then, there is the stigma of lighting a blow torch, reminds me of Richard Pryor and an ill-fated event with smoking cocaine. I have difficulty with the blow torch part of the equation. Enter the Puffco. It makes the process of smoking concentrates an easy adventure, nothing more than placing the material into the handy ceramic bowl and then pressing the on switch. In mere seconds, your vessel is vaporizing the dab and the smoking experience is easy on the lungs. No more inhaling red hot materials. I’m a fan of low-temperature dabs. If I’m going to dab in the first place, the Puffco makes it easy to do my sesh— always correct the first time, and every time. That’s quality for you. Because this device has done so much to change my views and contributed so much to concentrate culture, I just had to learn more about the man behind the technology. Now, please meet Roger Volodarsky, CEO of Puffco.

Roger and a member of the Puffco team testing out the Peak smart rig. COURTESY: PUFFCO

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Five Intrinsic Questions With Amanda Ostrowitz, CEO & Founder Cannaregs

Amanda Ostrowitz, CEO/Founder Cannaregs
Amanda Ostrowitz © J.MIMNA PHOTOGRAPHY

Amanda Ostrowitz, CEO & Founder

Cannaregs makes it easy to keep up with the deeply confusing world of regulations pertaining to legal cannabis in one, easy-to-use database. It’s essential to always have the most up to day information at one’s hands for immediate use.

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Five Focused Questions With Erin Gore Founder Of Garden Society

nice headshot of Erin Gore

Erin Gore, Founder of Garden Society

It’s ironic that the very flowers that I desire the most are the ones which are the most illusive to find out east. Of course if circumstances permitted, I’m pretty sure I could find the time to taste through the line of Garden Society offerings out on the west coast if I only got out there more often! Hence the written word and the ability to create thirst out of words. When I started to dig a bit deeper, I learned that Garden Society, like the wine propagated in the region had many similarities. One of the most profound was the use of Biodynamics. My own childhood farm was for a time, Certified Biodynamic. It’s pretty stringent and Organics are another route entirely. Rudolph Steiner, the father of Biodynamics may not have used cannabis, but his theories and practices adhere to these principals in the garden with alacrity.

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Beta Glass Labs: Premium Glass When Only The Best Will Do

Beta Glass-Petra XL


I’m a fanatic for museum quality art glass. The kind that begs conversation over glasses of Barolo wine, caked with sediment from years resting in the cellar. Take me to Venice and turn me loose in the historic glass factories in Murano. They have been hand-blowing fine art glass for hundreds of years in Venice, Italy. I see much symmetry in the highest quality glass designed for the cannabis industry as in the very rare hand-blown, Murano glass. The colors may be a bit different from piece to piece in cannabis glass design, but insofar as the curves and bends of the glass, the new styles of glassware for cannabis rigs mimic the fine glass art that I’ve seen in Italy. Do you think today’s glass blowers studied with the old masters in Italy? I wouldn’t doubt that they’d consider my compliment of their craft, one of the “highest” honors. The Beta Glass Rigs that I was sent for review are as intriguing, in my view, as a several-hundred-year-old Murano glass chandelier.

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Flowers For Your Father’s Day: The Top Of The House

Casa Humboldt Blueberry Muffin Cultivar

Casa Humboldt Blueberry Muffin Cultivar WARREN BOBROW: IPHONE X

I’ve been traveling all over the West Coast recently, save for Washington State, so my list of the top of the house is far from definitive. My apologies for not including Washington State. I haven’t been in some time. Nor to Colorado, although that journey is coming up. Perhaps I’ll have the opportunity to describe their terroir as well as the ones that I’ve selected. Because of the event, Hall of Flowers, I have been entrusted with the information pertaining to the best flowers of the moment for your dear old dad. This list may be heavy on California. Just how it worked out in this regard.  Your dad has been over-worked and under paid. He has endured yet another circle around the sun with barely anything to show for his top of the house business acumen. It’s time to step up to the plate for him and do something for dad that set your apart from the rest. A list of cannabis flowers along with a couple pre-rolls that I just have to shout about. They are all that good.

Casa Humboldt


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Cannabis Drinks Expo in San Francisco

High-profile event for cannabis industry coming to California July 25 2019

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SAN FRANCISCO, June 11, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — via CannabisNewsWire — On July 25, San Francisco is going to become the center of the U.S. cannabis industry, as hundreds of individuals involved in the development, production, distribution and retailing of cannabis drinks and related alcoholic beverages make their way to California for the first-ever Cannabis Drinks Expo.

The conference, which is intended to help participants unlock new opportunities in the fast-growing U.S. cannabis industry, will include a full day of panel discussions, Q&A sessions, and speaker presentations from some of the biggest names in the industry.

During the morning session, a series of high-profile speakers will help to highlight some of the most attractive business opportunities in the market today. They will focus on the strategies and tactics needed to bring a new cannabis drink product to market. Bill Silver, CEO of Cannacraft, and Jeff Maser, President and CEO of Tinley Beverages, will cover the key aspects of tapping into the market for cannabis beverages. In addition, Bruce Linton, Chairman and CEO of Canopy Growth Corporation, will address the most important factors to keep in mind as entrepreneurs look to develop new products for the North American market.

These three high-level presentations will set the stage for the following group of dynamic speakers, who will cover some of the day-to-day legal and regulatory aspects of bringing a new cannabis drinks product to market in the highly regulated U.S. marketplace. Experts presenting at the Cannabis Drinks Expo include Rebecca Stamey-White, Partner at Hinman & Carmichael LLP; Michael Cooper, Managing Member of MadisonJay Solutions LLC; Omar Figueroa, an author and cannabis law expert at the Law Offices of Omar Figueroa; and Stacey Hostetter, General Counsel at Cannacraft.

After these morning sessions set the context for what it takes to enter the cannabis drinks market, the second part of the day will include insights and analysis from some of the top executives, tastemakers and influencers who are helping to shape the industry. This includes noted mixologist and author Warren Bobrow, who will demonstrate some of the interesting cocktails being made with cannabis today, as well as Jeremy Marshall, Brewmaster at Lagunitas, who will talk about the converging worlds of beer and cannabis, and Chip Forsythe, cannabis winemaker and owner of Rebel Coast Winery, who will talk about the converging worlds of wine and cannabis.

“We really wanted to present a wide range of different speakers who could help to showcase the real dynamism and growth potential of this industry,” said Sid Patel, CEO and Founder of Beverage Trade Network, the organizer of the event.

Other high-profile names presenting at the event include John Korkidis, cannabis mixologist and founder of Proposition Cocktail Company; Kimberly Belle, cannabis cuisine activist; and Jamie Evans, founder of Herb Somm. As well, a number of representatives from top brands and brand building agencies will be presenting at the event. Key names to watch include Kathleen Murphy, a VP in charge of innovation at Francis Ford Coppola Winery; Terence Donnelly, Chairman and CEO of Hill Street Beverage Co; Michael Hayford, Chairman and CEO of Lighthouse Strategies; and Eric Schnell, Co-Founder of Beyond Brands (creator of the cannabis-infused sparkling tonic Mood33).

At the end of the full day of activities, participants will have a comprehensive view of what it takes to succeed in the fast-growing cannabis drinks industry. They will understand the key strategies and tactics for success, and they will also find out why certain brands are already having so much success in the marketplace. And, of course, there will be plenty of opportunities for networking throughout the one-day event. In addition to the conversations that will happen at the exhibitor booths, there will also be many opportunities to network one-on-one with other event participants and to ask specific questions about your own business.

If you’ve ever wondered what it takes to get started in the cannabis drinks market, or how to transition from the wine or beer industry into the cannabis industry, the Cannabis Drinks Expo is shaping up to be the must-attend event of the year.

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Beverage Trade Network (BTN) is a producer of competitions, conferences, expos and trade shows for the alcohol beverage trade industry around the world. BTN is the alcohol beverage industry’s leading network and is committed to helping importers and distributors find new suppliers from all over the world. BTN hosts events in London, New York, and San Francisco, including the highly acclaimed International Bulk Wine & Spirits Show (London and San Francisco), the London Wine Competition (London) and the USA Trade Tasting show (New York).

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Live! Thinking Outside The Bud!

The podcast i appeared on is now live, please give it a listen!

Warren Bobrow, Entrepreneur, Visionary, Cannabis Taste-Maker

Warren Bobrow is a mixologist, chef, and writer known as the Cocktail Whisperer. In 2010, Bobrow founded “Wild Table” for Wild River Review and serves as the master mixologist for several brands of liquor, including the Busted Barrel rum produced by New Jersey’s first licensed distillery since Prohibition.

Bobrow has published three books on mixology and written articles for Saveur magazine, Voda magazine, Whole Foods-Dark Rye, Distiller, Beverage Media, DrinkupNY and other periodicals. He writes the “On Whiskey” column for Okra Magazine at the Southern Food and Beverage Museum and has written restaurant reviews for New Jersey Monthly.

His first book Apothecary Cocktails was published in September 2013; and immediately went into a second printing. In 2014, he published Whiskey Cocktails. He was born and raised in Morristown, NJ, on a Biodynamic farm.

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Q&A with Warren Bobrow by FOUR20 REPORT

Tell us a little bit about your background, and how you became known as the Cocktail Whisperer.

I was working unsuccessfully and unhappily in the corporate world for twenty or so years, trying to please my father and grandfather who were certain that I would never amount to anything in life. They were correct! It took six failures and a bankruptcy, plus divorce and being disowned to find that what I had to become successful was inside of me all along. I was in one of my incarnations a trained chef from dish sink to culinary school and into my own business. Unfortunately, my business was located in Charleston, South Carolina. I was the first and as of then, the only manufacturer of fresh pasta in South Carolina. I lost my business in Hurricane Hugo in 1989. Becoming a chef/saucier didn’t just go away for me. While I toiled in the corporate world of banking, I nurtured my craft as a chef on my days off and on holidays. When I lost my corporate job, no fault of my own- I reinvented myself yet again. This time in wine/spirits. The cocktail whisperer grew out of an alliance with an online magazine known at the time as Served RAW. They dubbed me their cocktail whisperer and the name stuck.