TweetCocktail hour with Warren Bobrow – A Limerick for Laurel cocktail There was a fine gal named Laurel. Who never put up with any Quarrel She married fair Bill Whose true voice that she willed So there would never be bitters to spoil!   The clouds are rushing in thisContinue Reading

TweetMagic Monk’s Eventual Dream Punch by: Warren Bobrow-Cocktail Whisperer Warren Bobrow January 12, 2012 Pardon my fuzzy photography from my ancient iPhone- I had to capture this picture with the camera I had on hand.  This drink came together after a particularly unpleasant day yesterday.  My day started with twoContinue Reading

TweetWhat happens when a man is snowbound with only his wits and his sideboard? He crafts a perfectly balanced flight of cocktails:  too cool! Passage to India We just had some snow, about 8 inches this time. The last time it was about two feet. Everything is covered in a fineContinue Reading

TweetFriends of mine just got back from attending the Tecate 500 off road race in Mexico. They scoffed at all the attention Mexico has received, often unfairly over the last few months. Mexico is a place of many incongruities. Our newspapers shout about how dangerous it is, but here inContinue Reading