TweetThe Newest Craze That’s Not New At All! The current obsession was invented in the 1800’s. Invented by millennials? Yes and no. The original incarnation of the Pink Gin was developed in the mid-1800’s in England and in the Colonies (Princeton University comes to mind) by collegians (millennials) dissatisfied by theContinue Reading

TweetFavorite tipples from the book, Apothecary Cocktails Tipsy tinctures Give your merry-making a healthy makeover with these 10 healing drinks from Apothecary Cocktails: Restorative Drinks from Yesterday and Today. From a buttery hot toddy to a gin-and-basil tonic, these curative drinks have roots in the era when pharmacy-mixed potions were prescriptionsContinue Reading

TweetA SIMPLE TYROL FIZZ by Warren Bobrow Ingredients: 50ml Stroh Rum 100 ml broiled grapefruit juice (grapefruit and Angostura Bitters-broiled until caramelized, cooled then juiced) 25 ml Demerara Sugar Simple Syrup 25 ml Seltzer water 5-6 drops Angostura Bitters Preparation: To a Boston Shaker filled 3/4 with ice add theContinue Reading

TweetBehold the magic of raspberry shrub and cannabis simple syrup. Real shrubs are for your cocktail glass. And no, they are not the kind that take up room in your front yard. Shrubs are an almost unheard-of combination of both vinegar and preserved fruit and cane sugar syrup. During theContinue Reading

Tweet Real shrubs for your cocktail glass, not the kind that take up room in your front yard, are a strange and delicious concoctions of vinegar and sugar-preserved fruit syrup.  During the late summer months, they are especially delicious because they are inexpensive to make and quite thirst slaking.  AndContinue Reading

Tweet Welcome to rum, the libation understood by Buccaneers, Pirates, Sailors and “Armchair Sailors” the world over, throughout history. Follow the Rhumb line on your sailing chart and let it take you around the globe.Here also is an intoxicating liquid in your hand.This liquid is as ancient as the earlyContinue Reading

Tweet    Four Summer Cocktails   Warren Bobrow   June 3, 2013   1   Four Cocktails for the Summer….   We just had a most disgustingly humid heat wave.  The warm weather has come and gone and come again, yet if there is one thing for certain- I’m gettingContinue Reading

Tweet  Warren Bobrow’s Cocktail Hour – Dripping Spanish Moss Cocktail Tuaca- Dark Rum from Atlantico- Angostura Bitters, Grade B Maple Syrup and charred citrus fruits make up this week’s cocktail experience. The inspiration for this drink came during dinner a few weeks ago at the highly regarded modern American restaurantContinue Reading