Five Intriguing Questions With Wanjun Gao, CEO Of BiFarm

Precision Growing in an App BIFARM

I’m lucky to have a green thumb. Give me some seed or a cutting or just about anything and I can grow it. This was probably caused from my growing up on a Biodynamic farm belonging to my family in New Jersey. However, most people have black thumbs. They plant something in the earth and it just shrivels and dies no matter what they do. They can’t understand why the plant died, it just stopped being happy, then it turned to brown and said, without much fanfare, good-bye.

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Five Questions With Vitae Glass Founder Gordon Loi

Love Season Photography
Photo by Love Season Photography 4LOVE SEASON PHOTOGRAPHY

I love the new crop of entrepreneurs in the cannabis space. These are hardy, mostly young people who need to be celebrated for their nerd-like intensity and deep intellectual agility. Gordon Loi is my choice for a cannabis industry entrepreneur who seized my attention through his unique style of high-end smoking apparatus. He’s enlightened and he speaks with a easy-going cadence. I can tell he’s inspired by more than just cannabis. It’s discovery in life that excites him.

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A cocktail without the hangover and high calories? Experts think cannabis-infused cocktails will be well-received

People are looking for alternatives that suit their lifestyles and cannabis drinks might fit the bill

Cannabis-infused drinks aren’t legal yet, but that doesn’t mean would-be purchasers shouldn’t be prepared. Here’s what four experts have to say in anticipation of the cannabis cocktail quaffing expected in just a few short months.

Now that Canada is legalizing cannabis beverages, the iterations of alcohol-free drinks containing cannabis are manifesting, quickly. Cannabis cocktails are less odoriferous than smoking a joint and can be dressed up to look just like an alcoholic cocktail, making them a refreshing option for social occasions.

The GrowthOp asked a few experts to weigh in on why they believe consumers will be clamouring to try the new bevvies once they become available to Canadian adults, expected this December.

Warren Bobrow, the Cocktail Whisperer

Warren Bobrow, known as the Cocktail Whisperer, with his book, Cannabis Cocktails, Mocktails & Tonics: The Art of Spirited Drinks and Buzz-Worthy Libations.Photo:

Forget horses; let’s talk cocktails. “Cannabis cocktails raise the bar on flavour. The language of cocktails is one of excellence, so what we’re looking for with making cannabis beverages is to create flavours and combine flavours that we are unaccustomed to, but that intrigue us.” As a mixologist specializing in craft spirits, Bobrow likes to combine cannabis with low-alcohol spirits, such as vermouth, to create what he calls “lo-fi” cocktails for private clients and at private parties.

The new regulations for cannabis drinkables forbid alcohol to be added to beverages in Canada, but that doesn’t mean cocktail lovers are barred from experimenting with the two substances at home.

“We know about different cultivars and different strains,” says Bobrow, “but when it’s combined with either craft spirits or in a mocktail situation, it brings flavour to a new place where it hasn’t been before, and that’s intriguing,” he adds.

Bobrow also mentions that while a cannabis edible has a delay of up to two hours, someone drinking a cannabis beverage could feel the effect much faster compared to other consumption methods, putting cannabis cocktails more onpar with their alcoholic counterparts.

Five Fun Questions With Burb

Burb — where cannabis, clothing and culture intersect COURTESY OF: BURB

Burb, a cannabis lifestyle brand launching out of Vancouver, Canada is forging an original narrative in the industry with a new retail concept that joins e-commerce, street wear, and media, giving British Columbia Cannabis Culture (BC Bud Culture) its rightful place on the cultural map. Burb’s recently launched dynamic e-commerce platform – features its debut collection which is entirely Canadian made and tastefully nods the end of prohibition with a clean and explicit collection of street wear staples.

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Lyfted Farms: Not Just Cannagars

Lyfted Farms: Juicy Indoor Grown Flowers

Lyted Farms Cannabis

The literal definition of quality often has many names. But the name that is right in front of me on my desk involves the uncommon spelling of the word, Lyfted. Lifted in its normal derivation and spelling usually means elevated. When something is brought up to a higher level it’s lifted. Lifted intellectually, lifted flavors, just raising the overall bar to a higher level. In the alcohol-mixology world I would say that this describes a lifted cocktail is one with a little extra lagniappe to it. Or just better tasting with better balance. You would assume that lifted meant the top of the line, the most gourmet. You might be right, rabbit, you are certainly correct.

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Five Questions With Ray Ramtin Nosrati: Architectural Entrepreneur

I work with cannabis and have done some wild things in life.

Success comes in BIG ways
Ray Ramtin Nosrati: Cannabis and Architectural Entrepreneur VVPICTOGRAPHY 2014

I’m usually not impressed by outlandish showings of wealth, but there always is a possibility that someone will go even further than anything that I’ve ever seen possible. With that said, Ray Ramtin Nosrati is now raising the bar of building one of a kind ultra-high-net worth mega-mansions for the person who truly has everything. Well, they do have everything except for one of Ray’s custom designed homes. Oh sure they might have a Gulfstream, or a Hinkley yacht. But they don’t have Ray’s sage advice. Which is exemplified in his cannabis-centrist talent.

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OLO Sublinguals Microdosed Experiences Placed Under The Tongue



I never thought that less would truly exemplify more, but I have been wrong before about micro-dosing cannabis. Traditionally on this 4/20 day, it has special meaning to many, but in my case it is especially profound because I’ve chosen to go the less is more route. As many folks will rise before the dawn for their first foray into the experience of the day, others slept through the first class, like myself. I never should schedule an early class, just not a good idea. Maybe if I had packs of OLO Sublingual strips on hand I could fine tune my day.

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Five Questions With Morris Beegle, President Of WAFBA (We Are For Better Alternatives)

Morris Beegle


Five Questions with Morris Beegle, President of WAFBA (We Are For Better Alternatives)

Morris Beegle and I share more than names, (Morris is my middle name) — we are both a part of a much larger world of cannabis. In Morris’ case, he is a leading cannabis/hemp advocate and entrepreneur. As co-founder and president of the WAFBA (We Are For Better Alternatives) family of brands, including the NoCo Hemp Expo, Silver Mountain Hemp Guitars, Tree Free Hemp, The Hawaii Hemp Conference, and more, he stays quite busy engaging audiences in N.A., Europe, UK, Nepal and beyond, presenting at a dozen or more hemp conferences each year.

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Five Questions With Arend Richard: CEO

Arend Richard:

Arend Richard: 


I met Arend over lunch in NYC recently and within a few minutes I realized the difference between the media moguls of the past and the new leaders of the present. Arend is one of those new leaders. He is confident yet humble in his soft-spoken, gentle manner. I found him to be engaging and crisp. He speaks with a smile and he is well known and liked within the tribe. He’s on to something that is very modern, very cool indeed. His style is forthright, humorous and well punctuated by thought. He’s precisely the kind of entrepreneur who would dream in color, yet is well grounded in pragmatic reality. He knows where he is from and how tough it was to get here. Arend is definitely going places. I see it. You shall too. Thank you Arend, you rock. What is it with this generation? Such enthusiasm for entrepreneurial success. They know what time it is.

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