Orchid Essentials: Gushing With Terpenes

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California Cannabis cultivars possess a intriguing quality that changes from place to place. In the language of wine this aromatic descriptor is called Terroir. Quite literally, Terroir means, the taste (or smell) of the specific place. It’s very esoteric language, but it shouldn’t be overwhelming to the lay person. The same holds true for cannabis. There is in my opinion, there are striking differences between growing regions in the propagation of cannabis. The flavors differ wildly from place to place! This is especially true when the strains are grown under their own specific California-radiance of the sun. In the absence of the natural sun, there are the terpenes. These are naturally occurring scents that are added to cannabis oils and concentrates. What terpenes are in the language of the nerds, (I’m definitely one of those) are the scents that define different varieties of cannabis. Perhaps you’ll remember that I’ve discussed this topic prior at some length and here is a refresher on the topic. Terpenes are those scented-things that we recognize in cannabis. Sometimes they smell like pine. Other times they are citrus in their overall demeanor. And then there are the cultivars that smell like your neighbor’s male cat has been roaming around. I want to smoke those! There are more terpenes in cannabis than in wine! I’ve learned to detect many hundreds of nuances in cannabis, some of them exciting and intellectually stimulating. The mysterious umami ones are amalgamations of many scents. As a saucier and a mixologist, (sort of like a chef and a bartender, only deeper) I’ve learned to detect scents and further myself into the experience of the flavors and the buzz. There are many strains of cannabis to taste and evaluate. It’s what I do! Hey, I could be studying butterflies!

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CJ Wallace Channels King of New York, Frank White Through Lowell Smokes

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Why Frank White? King of New York? I couldn’t resist the idea of writing an interview with CJ Wallace, who wouldn’t want to? Then I realized there is always a back-story. This one is particularly intriguing. I’m honored to let the words flow, only as I know best. And that is by letting my interviewees enjoy themselves. This gentleman clearly embraces the format. Cheers!


El Blunto Cannagars: Ultra-Luxury Cannabis Experience

Q.Ladraa and Christian Audigier founder of Ed Hardy

Q.Ladraa and Christian Audigier founder of Ed Hardy COURTESY: Q. LADRAA

This was the pitch:

Thank you for passing along your email address over Instagram. I would like to convey my appreciation for your work. Last year I read your article about Xiaolin Cannagars and I was really impressed with your opinions and findings. I wanted to take a minute to introduce you to El Blunto. The work of our artisans is marked by an outpouring of skill and pride. The result is El Blunto a cannabis cigar that defines the luxury smoking experience, one worthy of your finest moments. El Blunto is made out of the highest-quality cannabis and is wrapped in hemp and contains zero tobacco. It also includes a high end glass filter tip. We are fortunate enough to be listed at over 50 dispensaries and are very excited about a successful launch in Los Angeles. We are a State and Los Angeles city licensed micro-business.  I would love for you to try our product and perhaps you are interested in writing about us. In any case I remain a fan of your work and I’m looking forward to hearing from you.

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An Interview With The Founders Of SAVA, Cannabis Curated

SAVA founders Andrea Brooks and Amanda Denz favor suppliers who employ sustainable practices in growing, manufacturing and packaging, and actively support the LGBTQ+ community and advocate for animal wellfare

SAVA founders Andrea Brooks and Amanda Denz favor suppliers who employ sustainable practices in growing, manufacturing and packaging, and actively support the LGBTQ+ community and advocate for animal wellfare JENNIFER SKOG LIFESTYLE CANNABIS PHOTOGRAPHER

I love SAVA’s concept— curated cannabis. It means something to me to learn from others. I don’t know everything, far from. So, when I discovered the “curated” approach that SAVA takes, they certainly got my attention. Instead of picking out two from column A and one from column B, SAVA CMO Amanda Denz and CEO Andrea Brooks want to do the best they can with their online marketplace and delivery service that offers high-quality, cannabis topicals, tinctures, edibles, concentrates and flowers. How do they do this? By helping others plot a course through the sometimes confusing harbor of cannabis products and providing a new approach with education and discretion instead of a confusing dispensary experience.

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An Interview With Dennis Hunter: Pragmatic Cofounder Of CannaCraft

CannaCraft cofounder Dennis Hunter gives an extractor demonstration at the California Capital.

CannaCraft co-founder Dennis Hunter gives an extractor demonstration at the California Capital. PHOTO COURTESY OF CANNACRAFT.

Dennis Hunter is entrepreneurial thinker. Deeply pragmatic, he refuses to make one product, and one only. What he has achieved in the short time that cannabis has been legal is truly amazing. He is truly an advocate for the elimination of stigmas through CannaCraft’s diversified line of cannabis products — Satori, Care By Design, AbsoluteXtracts and Hi-Fi Hops. From chocolates to CBD-rich over the counter medicinal products to the fine art of brewing IPA-inspired sparkling beverages, Dennis is not slowing down to only smell the roses. He has a business plan to make those roses bloom all the time. His products shine where others haven’t even dipped their proverbial toes into the water. Dennis Hunter and the CannaCraft co-founders and team represent a company that is richly diversified and intriguingly market savvy. I mentioned pragmatic in the title because Dennis couldn’t succeed at so many tasks without being a level-headed and pragmatic thinker. His products may be designed to fit outside the box, but they fit every niche without effort. They are that good! Why force anything? Dennis seems to fit the Northern California ethos of laid-back intensity. How does that work? Intense to get the job done, the first time, and laid back to enjoy his success along with the success of CannaCraft’s family of brands. Now, without further delay, may I introduce to you a very intriguing person…Dennis Hunter.


Green Peakz: Luxury Cannabis From Oakland, California

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Instagram, How I love it. Many interesting tangents I’ve run down through this very specific, visual imagery. I’ve actually taken Twitter off my business card. Instagram has brought me real value in the cannabis industry. And recently I received the following note. It was, as I say not so often, irresistible. I had to publish this young, extremely passionate and bright entrepreneur.

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Ghost Vapes: Luxury Dry Herb Vaporizer

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My Cluttered Desk, With my Ghost Vape and Canlock WARREN BOBROW: IPHONE X

The magic of the inter-webs never ceases to amaze me.  I had a marvelous discussion with Josh from Ghost Vapes. He took time out of his day to connect via Skype (Thank you!), and to walk me through the operation of my Ghost Vapes MV-1. From the pitch that I received regarding this “Leica Camera” of the luxury cannabis vaporizer market. Why? Because it’s solid in the hand and quite ergonomically capable. It fits against the natural shape of my hand and if I only had a neck-strap, it would fit right in the middle of my chest, rather comfortably I might add! Looking more like a camera spotting scope or a pair of luxury binoculars, than a cannabis vaporizer. Stealthy!

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An Interview With Randy Smith, Erudite CEO Of Sunday Goods

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There is a deeply mystical air about Randy Smith. He could be meditating on his next amazing thing that he’s postulating on creating from thin air it seems. Is it real estate? Ultra-high end Cannabis? Or is it being a part of something larger, and therefore truly amazing in my view? Sure, he’s on one hundred different levels all at the same time with absolute grasp of all the people, places, things and details, but that’s only a very small part of this highly pragmatic and enthusiastic man. I see him in many different roles, enjoying all their nuances and education. How did I surmise this? Well, from my short time in his presence I learned that Randy is full of boundless excitement and that youthful quality of a ready smile backed up by the kind of person who, in his case you’d want to chill out just and talk about the good old’ Grateful Dead.

My favorite kind of friend is that one never met. And nothing left to do but smile, smile, smile.

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Grasshoppa Rolls: Luxury Pre-Rolls Filled By You

I love luxury cannabis goods, if you haven’t guessed that already. I’m always attracted to the n’est pas ultra of the cannabis world because life is short enough, so if I’m smoking cannabis or using other accouterments,  I demand the very best.

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Meet Hillary Peckham, Chief Operating Officer of Etain Health

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Hillary Peckham is COO of Etain Health. Her high-energy leadership style and contributions to Etain’s strategic planning resulted in Etain’s original success in attaining a medical marijuana license in New York State. Hillary’s leadership of Etain and contributions to the company’s license application made her the youngest individual to be awarded a medical marijuana license in the country.

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