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Her Highness founders
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Her Highness 

  • Laura Eisman – Cofounder
  • Allison Krongard – Cofounder

I love Her Highness. Why should men have all the fun in gourmet-read:luxury cannabis? Her Highness celebrates her love of her plant! Our plant, if you are overly sensitive, that is true but know that I deeply appreciate the female aspect to this interview for my column at Forbes Vices. It means something. I love that these two brilliant native New York women are both destigmatizing cannabis with their own unique brand of cannabis products, both THC and CBD based, where legal of course. Not the man’s brand or a his/her identity, but their own. Big distinction here. It’s Her Highness, not His Highness, see what I’m saying? It’s theirs! Get it? Good. Be nice, mind your manners and you might share in her pleasure.

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