Why smoke cannabis from a joint when you can experience the very essence of the smoking experience with a Hydrology 9/Cloudious 9 Vaporizer.

I was fortunate to have used the prior incarnation of the Cloudious 9 and it served me well for a couple of years. It came to me, resembling a hand-held “Light Sword” from Star Wars and this early device did most things right. What it didn’t do well was the loading process, water sometimes got into the chamber, because the smoking chamber was located on the bottom of the chamber. Not a great design for a device that was quite expensive, and I had a couple of them. Aside from the funky light show, I had hoped for more at the time. Fast forward to the present, the next incarnation of the Cloudious 9.

The Hydrology 9 is the newest and coolest Cloudious 9 yet. NX is the sub-set/name and this completely redesigned vaporizer bong/dab rig is right at home with my fine flowers and ultra-luxe-concentrates. The learning curve is quite short, as this entire device is quite easy to learn how to use.

The NX is a water cooled- vaporizing vessel for both flower and even your super-critical concentrates.

I am extremely happy with the performance of my NX. The smoking experience is cool and robust, each vaporized hit of the flower is cooled by the liquid that you pour into the chamber.  I used Evian mineral water, you can use regular tap water, it’s up to you.

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