TweetTraditional, Middle Eastern craft hashish is something very rare in the USA. There are only a handful of hashish connoisseurs who are even knowledgeable enough to produce traditional European/Middle Eastern style hashish. The commercial marketplace has quickly become a wasteland of high-priced “ice-water” finely powdered hash that enterprising dab-heads getContinue Reading

Tweet420Waldos:  Why is a very important wristwatch for a very important time, and date so intriguing? And what is that time again? It is of course, 4:20 pm on 4/20. And what is it about this wristwatch that makes it irresistible? Tucked into that magic time, 4:20 is a little cannabisContinue Reading

Tweet 2 Stoned Dudes By Ryan Castellucci Life from a stoner’s perspective. Topics range from almost anything. Science, science fiction, and pro wrestling. Sports, addiction, and sex. Also including thoughts on racism, sexism, drugs, dogs and cats. The Boomers vs The Millenials. MMA vs Sports Entertainment. Books vs movies. AndContinue Reading

Tweet 11 Cannabis Journalists To Follow On Twitter, find them on the latest from Benzinga by NisonCo PRFeatures Andrew Ward Debra Borchardt Javier Hasse Warren Bobrow Natalie Fertig Jimi DevineJanelle LassalleJeremy BerkeTom AngellZack GuzmanChloe Aiello#Cannabis#reporters#Industry#News#Marijuana#Business#Journalism#Journalist#BZCannabis Reading

TweetAbout Eaze: Eaze, California’s largest marketplace for legal cannabis, connects adult consumers with licensed retailers and products. Eaze is on a mission to enhance safe access to legal cannabis, educate people about cannabis as a tool for wellness and drive smart cannabis policies. Please Read More Here At Forbes:Continue Reading

TweetJune 13, 2019 Tracy Jong I sponsored Warren Bobrow to come to Rochester’s 2019 Cocktail Revival and teach about CBD and THC cocktail making. The experience was amazing. Not only down to earth, Warren was also extremely knowledgeable about the whole topic. He shared some historical information and personal experiencesContinue Reading