TweetTEQUILA!!!!! Warren Bobrow February 20, 2013 2 Do you want to know what I’m excited about?  Well it’s pretty simple.  Tequila.  It’s been a long time since I’ve enjoyed the flavor of the earth as exemplified by the Terroir captured by Tequila.  Oh I suppose this is my own fault. Continue Reading

TweetCabotella: A Fabulous Craft-Style Beer from Cabo Warren Bobrow March 31, 2013 9 I’ve fallen for a new craft beer.  Lock, stock and barrel is the term most commonly used.   I cannot explain my passion for this beer other than to say it’s a huge surprise. The first surpriseContinue Reading

Tweet October 9, 2012 I’ll admit it.  I’m a carnivore.  There is nothing I like more than tucking into a slab of dry-aged PRIME Beef.  My favorite way of cooking dry aged beef is very simple. Let the steak come to room temperature to relax the muscle.  Rub the steakContinue Reading