TweetPuro Cannagars, hailing from the Los Angeles area get me stoned. Not just a little bit high either, but a major- I’ve lost most of the afternoon kind of high, or morning if the experience is framed by a wake-and-bake. But smoking a cannagar for breakfast or before breakfast areContinue Reading

TweetWARREN BOBROW It’s been a long time since I’ve had the pleasure of sharing a joint with friends. Here in New Jersey, smoking cannabis in public is generally frowned upon. Dozens of people are arrested and incarcerated for the simple act of smoking a joint. With COVID deeply engrained intoContinue Reading

TweetOne of my favorite things to accompany an infused beverage after the hour of noon strikes is a cannagar. I’ve tasted dozens of them and find that the art and science of cannagars far exceed the basic pre-rolls that clutter the marketplace. That’s not to say that all pre-rolls areContinue Reading

TweetFrom the moment I discovered the newest incarnation of the PAX 3 vaporizer resplendent in an array of sophisticated colors with a premium matte finish — Onyx, Sand, Burgundy and my favorite, Sage), I knew the old ones were still best-in-class but that they’ve raised the bar, once again, with this stylish collection.  TheContinue Reading

TweetNationwide demand for legal cannabis has driven market momentum to an all-time high in recent years. Despite restrictive licensing and operating regulations, new cannabis products and brands have proliferated in the market, creating a hyper-competitive retail environment for consumer-facing cannabis businesses. Please Read More Here At Forbes:Continue Reading