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Tweet Warren Bobrow  is in town for tomorrow’s filming. As part of the event I have teamed up with The Craft Spirits Exchange to offer the Warren Bobrow Treasure island Refresher.  And our US resident fans can sign up to win!  

Tweet Musings on Whiskey from Warren Bobrow Posted on September 25, 2014 by admin in Whiskey Warren Bobrow announces his new book Whiskey Cocktails and tells how he came to write it. Known as The Cocktail Whisperer, Warren’s vast knowledge of cocktails has spawned a previous book, Apothecary Cocktails, andContinue Reading

TweetAn Ardent Dreamer Cocktail By Warren Bobrow, Cocktail WhispererI’m thrilled when a bartender knows what I’m talking about when I ask for Aperol.  Usually I receive a blank stare or worse- a nod towards Campari or some other red colored aperitif. Not that Campari is bad, far from- it’s justContinue Reading

Tweet Apr 12th Cocktail Whisperer: End Of Elm | Morristown | NJ By Warren Bobrow There’s a new place in Morristown named End of Elm and it’s a keeper.  This is precisely what Morristown has needed since Urban Table opened and forever tainted the gene pool with lackluster service andContinue Reading