TweetBiosciences is at the forefront of scientific innovation leveraging the vast potential of the endocannabinoid system to develop therapeutics. I’m always interested in the art of the endocannabinoid system, so misunderstood and because of stigmas that are prevalent in the cannabis world, this essential healing element is almost unknown untilContinue Reading

TweetAbout WebJoint: WebJoint is a METRC-certified eCommerce and inventory management software provider for over ⅓ of California’s cannabis delivery services, providing automated driver dispatching, geofencing, real-time delivery tracking, compliance features and much more. About SEOWA: Social Equity Owners & Workers Association (“SEOWA”) is a collective of Social Equity Applicants that shareContinue Reading

TweetA healer, botanist, mother, farmer, and former Waldorf school kindergarten teacher, cannabis expert Katie Jeane often refers to herself as being “called” to a particular course of action. Katie has experienced this calling multiple times in her life, and she describes it as a guiding internal voice thathas led herContinue Reading

TweetSamantha Taylor is the CEO and founder of The Grow-Off. Since 2016, she’s overseen cannabis competitions in California, Colorado, and Oregon, working with hundreds of cannabis growers in the process. In 2020, she’s leading expansion into five new markets and spearheading restorative justice efforts to address inequality in the cannabis industry. Continue Reading