This Barrell Bourbon Batch 006 coats the palate and throat with light toffee and buttered popcorn. It opens into delicate stone fruit notes for a many minute-long finish punctuated by fragrant bursts of smoke and char.   It is an impeccably balanced spirit rested to maturity for 8 years in new American oak. Aged low in the rick house for a rounder, mellower profile that marries fruit and buttery notes with the spice and comfort of charred oak.  Hand churned buttercream and freshly dipped pralines in the nose invite deeper notes of baked peach cobbler and pan toasted chestnuts. The 122.9 proof heat dissipates quickly into savory bursts of brown butter dipped cornbread lathered in stone fruit preserves. Elongated notes of still steaming cinnamon toast lightly dusted with raw sugar. Brightly aromatic tangerine and blood orange beckon with each sip eventually leading to a lengthy caramel coated popcorn finish.

You must try it!