Mara Gordon: Aunt Zelda’s, For Every Household

Mara Gordon


Mara Gordon is exactly what I thought of her, ambitious, someone with a smile on her face leading into her deeply intellectual side and then there is the plant. She sees cannabis as a medical product that has real healing. I would call it agility in the broader scope. Health and wellness needs a place to go within the cannabis dialect. It’s not only recreational cannabis that drives the market. There is real healing taking place here from real medical doctors who are not afraid to buck the tide and create real change away from traditional methods of healing.

I want to share with you someone who has some really fantastic ideas that have taken our collective energy to a higher place in the universe of healing. This is a person who sees a much broader picture in the term “medical cannabis.” Thus, without further delay, may I please introduce you to Mara Gordon.

Mara Gordon

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Five Questions With Illmatik Concepts: Two Guys From Jersey



I met Christian Pace and his cousin Luke over at the classic home-spun restaurant named, Argyle Restaurant in Kearny, New Jersey.  These young men are authentic locals to the neighborhood, and over our brimming platters of crisply fried fish and chips, I caught bits and pieces of their often illustrious childhood, always away from the manacles and the eager clutches of the local constabulary. But certainly with good reason did the local law enforcement find bigger fish to fry, for these young men didn’t need to find trouble to find their own success on their own terms. They have ambition in them. And the other part?  They grew up in a tough part of New Jersey, where it’s always been known as “Jersey.” Calling this area New Jersey would make you stand out like a Sussex County farmhand at Gunnison Beach by Sandy Hook in August. (Look it up!) The Argyle Restaurant is certainly a throwback to another era of Kearny, New Jersey when this town was a stop-over point for many Scottish immigrants, most right off the boat from the old country far, far away. Like my family settled in a less-than comfortable part of Newark, as the crow flies just over a couple hills, this part of New Jersey could be another country entirely. And to this day the buildings and the names of the streets call mention to the past and the faded present tense of Kearny, New Jersey.



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Island Cannabis/Ray Landgraf: Utter Quality In Cannabis

Ray Landgraf


I love Island Cannabis. No, it wasn’t their packaging that did it to me, nor was it their ebullience and smiles, although that did draw me into their bright and shiny booth at the Hall of Flowers just a month ago. Island Cannabis represents to me quality and balance in a friendly package. I wanted to try all their products and at Hall of Flowers I had that unique opportunity, which didn’t disappoint in any way. This led into the honor of interviewing the founder of the company. I must apologize in advance, it wasn’t so long ago that I was the one setting up this sort of meeting for others. I was an executive assistant for far too many years and I never gave a second thought to setting up an interview for someone else. Not thinking for a moment that the person who conducted the above said meeting was myself in my former incarnation. Cannabis surprises abound, and this is the really good stuff. I love their packaging too at Island Cannabis. Bright, exciting, intriguing. I want to taste what is inside. The product that has boldly optimistic creativity signified on the label.

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Five Questions with Omura’s Head of Marketing: BJ Carretta

BJ Carretta, Omura’s Head of Marketing

BJ Carretta, Omura’s Head of Marketing COURTESY: OMURA

At first I looked at the design-forward device in a quizzical manner. How is it filled? Why does it look like a high styled, European electric toothbrush? Where is the on button? My old brain was starting to hurt and I couldn’t quite grasp the potential here. But after a conversation with BJ, via both phone and email, my trepidation was assuaged. The design of the Omura is striking. It’s clean and crisp in scope. The size, is perfect to the hand, both elegant and memorable. When you speak to people who have clarity for their path in life, tools like the Omura makes the sometimes difficult road a bit easier to navigate. We spoke about a number of things, listed below. I was most impressed by the gently heat and not burn technology. I only had some CBD pods so I couldn’t get the full experience, yet my feelings were correct in every way. This is a quality machine. Coupled with the right strain, it would be as easy as buying a pack of gum. But in your favorite cultivar, ready to go without having to roll a joint or fill a bong or tap out a dirty pipe filled with last week’s weed. There is nothing cumbersome with regard to the Omura. This is a design edifice, an object d’art for the Museum of Modern Art. It’s functional art and I’m proud to own one. The only thing I need to do is get to a place where their unique carts are legal. California is that place.

ACME Disposables Are Quality Personified

ACME Disposable Cannabis Vape Pens-Quality Personified

ACME Disposable Cannabis Vape Pens-Quality Personified COURTESY ACME

ACME Disposable Cannabis Vape Pens are a handsome creation and each measured pull can certainly add fuel to your creativity. Each draw from the handsomely designed pen is delivered with the highest quality ingredients. From the glass CC Cell atomizer to ultra-premium THC oil distillates, each pen doesn’t have to shout to get noticed. The small size makes casual use easy and relaxed, because it doesn’t get in the way of your activities. The rubberized barrel is easy to clutch in your hand. It’s broad against your fingers, you want to hold it in your hand and bring the cool, white in color tip to your mouth and take a measured pull. That smile that is moving across your lips is not a sunburn, I’m getting over a particularly overt one from the beach. I really got fried. If any disposable vape pen is going to make me feel better, then this is the one. And would you imagine that a disposable vape pen is so easy to enjoy? No buttons to fumble with, just pure enjoyment.

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Thirty Or Fewer Hours In San Francisco

How About That View?


There are dozens of tourist hotels in San Francisco that fail to offer the true experience of being in this magnificent city by the bay. They just seem to suck the life out of travel by being determined to sap the character out of a neighborhood, or in a broader scope make the time away just like home. That’s no way to travel! In my opinion, traveling is meant to give the guest a view into a place that is missing by staying at a big name hotel. You cannot do this by watching television. You must experience it first hand.

Not like a movie set

Not like a movie set WARREN BOBROW: IPHONE X

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Crop-To-Kitchen Announces High Tea With Kikoko

Nothing like outdoor grown

Nothing like outdoor grown WARREN BOBROW: IPHONE X

I’d say that I know most, if not all of the participants. Too bad that I’m in New Jersey and I cannot easily attend. But this kind of event really couldn’t happen anyplace else. If you live in the Bay Area of California just please try to attend. It’s for a good cause, Crop to Kitchen. I feel strongly about supporting the cannabis universe and through their intrinsic guidance I’ve found meaning to the healing found within. It works for me. I’m a massive fan of controlled dosage long-table dinners. They show what is possible in cuisine at the intersection of cannabis and the ancillary cultural relevance.

Crop-to-Kitchen Announces High Tea with Kikoko

Saturday, June 1, 2019


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Brotherly Love Organics: The Real Two Brothers From Philly

Brotherly Love Organics

Brotherly Love Organics WARREN BOBROW: IPHONE X

How could I come completely across the country to visit the world famous, Hall of Flowers and not bump into Steven, one of the enlightened brothers from Brotherly Love Cannabis? It was inevitable that I would have this opportunity.  My time to discover new sources for articles here was understandably short. I really wasn’t there for my own edification, although that magic couldn’t help but take place, it’s irresistible to be surrounded by flowers, flowers and more flowers. It was a few lush spring days in the verdant mountains of Occidental, California. Surrounded by ancient redwood trees, I’d always wanted to walk into the redwood forest, it’s dark in there, full of life and possibilities. They feed you with ambition in their long decay. Staying here, in this place of introspective reflection put me into the mind-space to be able to recognize authentic East Coast people, just by the way they move in a crowd. Maybe it was their T-Shirts?

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