Terroir In Craft Cannabis: Emerald Triangle Fashion

Location: Emerald Exchange office in Mendocino, CA Michael Katz on right, Justin Calvino on the left

Location: Emerald Exchange office in Mendocino, CA
Michael Katz on right, Justin Calvino on the left SAGE CALVINO

I am a fanatic for a little thing named terroir, no not terror, but terroir. In the study of wine, it’s a French word that means quite simply, the taste of the place. The characteristics of the soil, the rock and the drainage. The way of the earth. In ultra-high end cannabis it’s also the taste of the place. Hey, wait a minute, didn’t I just say that in wine that terroir is the French word that describes the taste of the place, yet in cannabis it’s the same thing? Well my friends may I suggest drinking wines from the same regions that cannabis is grown. You’ll be astounded, just like I was when we started discussing appellations and the deeply sensual characteristics of the soil. Who knew that rocks would be sexy? (They are, especially with grape vines struggling out of the crushed stones and crystals. The taste of the place in wine is essential. Just like the difference between pretty label wines and true garragist wines. Then, organically our the conversation leaks into Biodynamics. Did you know that Rudolph Steiner developed the theories of Biodynamics in the late 1800’s? Steiner saw himself as a clairvoyant of the earth. That the soil is a living thing and it requires self-regulating utilizing techniques of a purely organic manner? That different types of organic applications give the soil acidity but others make the soil sing its own song of renewal. That  Biodynamics teach me everything that I need to know about growing vegetables and cannabis. Preferably together, along with wild herbs. The taste of the place, the taste of the soil, the way things are grown. No chemical manipulations or augmentations are allowed, ever. We need to have this conversation about replenishing the soil with nutrients that add balance and structure to the growing process. That outdoor grown cannabis naturally tastes better. Less corporate. More passion. You may disagree with me. That’s fine, the massive cannabis conglomerates are not worried about craft cannabis, just like the massive liquor manufacturers are not worried about craft spirits. They aren’t even on the radar. Sure everyone wants to make money in cannabis. But corporate weed has no place at the craft table, just like speed rack quality whiskey can never be called Straight Bourbon. There is a difference in craft spirits as there is in craft cannabis. I’m absolutely positive that all craft cannabis growers want to earn a good living for their talent. By creating a workable format for an appellation,  these mom, and pop cannabis growers will raise their bar. Initially growers may doubt the path of an appellation, but with quality comes success. And organic success doesn’t have to be corporate run to earn a very fine living for themselves. That’s why in France, where appellations have contributed to the quality of life itself. Not a bad way to become known for utter quality over quantity.

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Live! Thinking Outside The Bud!

The podcast i appeared on is now live, please give it a listen!

Warren Bobrow, Entrepreneur, Visionary, Cannabis Taste-Maker

Warren Bobrow is a mixologist, chef, and writer known as the Cocktail Whisperer. In 2010, Bobrow founded “Wild Table” for Wild River Review and serves as the master mixologist for several brands of liquor, including the Busted Barrel rum produced by New Jersey’s first licensed distillery since Prohibition.

Bobrow has published three books on mixology and written articles for Saveur magazine, Voda magazine, Whole Foods-Dark Rye, Distiller, Beverage Media, DrinkupNY and other periodicals. He writes the “On Whiskey” column for Okra Magazine at the Southern Food and Beverage Museum and has written restaurant reviews for New Jersey Monthly.

His first book Apothecary Cocktails was published in September 2013; and immediately went into a second printing. In 2014, he published Whiskey Cocktails. He was born and raised in Morristown, NJ, on a Biodynamic farm.

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Five Questions With Sarah Harf: Founder Of Mooncloth Designs

Outdoor: Floor-Pillows Artwork by Ethan Lipsitz

Outdoor: Floor-Pillows Artwork by Ethan Lipsitz DANIEL JOHNSON

I love luxury fabrics and linens. It’s a secret passion of mine, finding the best and enjoying the creativity in the home. Sarah Harf, featured in this piece works with luxury materials. But what would you say if I told you that her luxury materials are from Hemp? No, you can’t get stoned on them if they should burn. My late step-father would always lament that the best sailboat lines were made of hemp, but during his lifetime you couldn’t buy them in the United States because Hemp was illegal. He would buy the lines in place that were under a British flag, like the BVI. The nylon ones didn’t hold up, and when they broke they were impossible to fix at sea. Hemp cordage for yachts not only last a long time, but they are extremely durable in salt water conditions. And should a line break, repairing it is very simple, just tie a knot! The natural fibers of Hemp attach themselves like magic, no fire at sea required to repair a plastic line. Because Hemp is natural and sailing vessels have used Hemp lines for hundreds of years. My step dad used to complain in no uncertain terms that if you put some Hemp sailboat line in a pipe, (and) try to smoke it, all that you’ll get is a headache. So why is it illegal?

The answer to that is in timing. Hemp sailboat lines are now legal, no smoking necessary!  And Hemp fabrics? Durable, colorful and robust. They outlast cotton versions of the same product and they retain their color more vividly than their cotton brethren. Natural fabrics, absolutely, but far more durable than regular cloth. Sarah is on to something here with her brilliant Hemp design company, MoonCloth Designs.

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11 am Saturday, June 8, at Good Luck Restaurant
50 Anderson Ave, Rochester, NY 14607

What’s the difference between CBD and THC, and how are each usable in the cocktail world? Taste the difference in this hands-on workshop! Warren Bobrow will demonstrate with infusions, seltzers, bitters and Pickett’s Ginger Beer Syrup. Sponsored by El Buho mezcal.

Warren Bobrow, the Cocktail Whisperer, is the multi-published author of Apothecary Cocktails: Restorative Drinks from Yesterday and Today, Whiskey Cocktails: Rediscovered Classics and Contemporary Craft Drinks, Bitters and Shrub Syrup Cocktails: Restorative Vintage Cocktails, Mocktails & Elixirs, Cannabis Cocktails, Mocktails & Tonics: The Art of Spirited Drinks & Buzz-Worthy Libations and his celebrated, 2017 release, The Craft Cocktail Compendium.


The Rochester Cocktail Revival

The Rochester Cocktail Revival returns this June

ROCHESTER, N.Y. (WHEC) — New York states only week-long celebration of craft cocktail culture is back! 

The Rochester Cocktail Revival returns this June for its six annual festival. 

Twenty Rochester bars will host more than 60 events highlighting vibrant the growing scene of cocktail bars and top-tier mixology talent.

A portion of the proceeds will go towards Gilda’s Club Rochester which offers free support to men, women, teens, and children affected by cancer. 

The 2019 Rochester Cocktail Revival includes the following events: 

  • Booze & Botany: A Cocktail Garden Party will take place in The George Eastman Museum estate gardens and feature botanical cocktails, live music, and sun print tutorials | Wed., June 5
  • The 2019 RCR Gala at Strasenburgh Planetarium. This annual headline event will include a celestial show, whiskey tasting, two cocktail bars, live music, and other entertainment  | Thurs., June 6
  • Nightcap Theatre, where a cocktail party meets a night out at the theatre. This interactive show will transport attendees to the 26th floor of The Metropolitan for a mid-century themed performance | Fri., June 7
  • Super Sound at Anthology, a live concert experience featuring custom cocktails and local bands | Fri., June 7 & Sat., June 8
  • The Spirit Tasting Spectacular at The Metropolitan, where attendees can taste through more than 50 spirit brands, including New York State Distillers, and enjoy FREE seminars from writers and spirit reps | Sat., June 8
  • The Bar Room Battle Royale, the much-anticipated festival finale where local bartenders go head-to-head to earn mixologist supremacy | Sun., June 9
  • Educational seminars “Cannabis Cocktails” author Warren Bobrow
    $15 Tickets available at restaurantgoodluck.com
  • What’s the difference between CBD and THC, and how are each usable in the cocktail world? Taste the difference in this hands-on workshop! Warren Bobrow will demonstrate with infusions, seltzers, bitters and Pickett’s Ginger Beer Syrup. Sponsored by El Buho mezcal.


A full calendar for the event will be available later this month. 

Click here for tickets. 

Steve Gormley: All Business In The Business Of Cannabis

Steve Gormley


Steve Gormley is a no-nonsense, pragmatic and deeply interesting guy. He is a real New Yorker, born and raised out in the Rockaways. To those of us who marvel at the real surfers who ply their craft in sub-freezing temperatures and even colder water, this is the place where you don’t complain about how raw it is outside. Growing up here makes people tough.  But fast forward to the ultra-high end of the cannabis business and it’s all sunshine and palm trees out on the West Coast, far from the jet engine roar of Kennedy Airport.

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Mixing with CBD: Philadelphia, PA

By FOUR20 Creative Collective

MONDAY, JUNE 17 20191:00 PM — 2:30 PM

Join us on Monday, June 17th from 1-2 PM, when Mixing with CBD brings a one-day-only special event presentation to the always sunny city of Philadelphia. Hosted at Vesper Sporting Club (223 S Sydenham St.), Mixing with CBD, offers a celebratory approach to learning and mastering the art of CBD-infused cocktails alongside one of the most acclaimed pundits in the cannabis-infusion space.

Best known as the Cocktail Whisperer, Warren is the author of six books on the trade including Apothecary Cocktails: Restorative Drinks from Yesterday and Today, Whiskey Cocktails: Rediscovered Classics and Contemporary Craft Drinks, Bitters and Shrub Syrup Cocktails: Restorative Vintage Cocktails, Mocktails & Elixirs, The Craft Cocktail Compendium, and what has become known as the mixologists’ infusion bible Cannabis Cocktails, Mocktails & Tonics: The Art of Spirited Drinks & Buzz-Worthy Libations.

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Honest Pipes: The Path Pipe: Why You Should Own One

Exploded Pipe


There was the rub, I still love a good old-fashioned pocket pipe to smoke my cannabis throughIt’s part of my culture. As many as I own, there is still room for more if they are simple in design and in function. I still enjoy the slow motion activity of grinding a fancy, outdoor grown nug in my ancient hand grinder and then starting a sesh with this nice bowl that graces the ancient tin-topped table. That first hit into my lungs encapsulates the experience of why I like to smoke the finest cannabis in the world. I’m positive that you would love to know about all the marvelous strains I’ve been enjoying, if I could only remember them all. One I do remember is  from Casa Humboldt. This strain is known as Pineapple Upside Down Cake. And when you open the jar, the aromatics of caramelized pineapple rush up to great your nostrils, thrusting themselves deeply inside your memory of what this strain reminds you of. Was it the rum syrup drizzled over the top of the cake? Each bite bursting in small rewards from the sides of your mouth? This strain has the uncanny ability to bring the aromatics of a well-baked Pineapple Upside Down Cake into the periphery of an ultra-high-end, hand- crafted smoking device. You need to find one of these and master it.

Read More Here At Forbes; https://www.forbes.com/sites/warrenbobrow/2019/05/25/honest-pipes-the-path-pipe-why-you-should-own-one/#2becd6dc4b77

Q&A with Warren Bobrow by FOUR20 REPORT

Tell us a little bit about your background, and how you became known as the Cocktail Whisperer.

I was working unsuccessfully and unhappily in the corporate world for twenty or so years, trying to please my father and grandfather who were certain that I would never amount to anything in life. They were correct! It took six failures and a bankruptcy, plus divorce and being disowned to find that what I had to become successful was inside of me all along. I was in one of my incarnations a trained chef from dish sink to culinary school and into my own business. Unfortunately, my business was located in Charleston, South Carolina. I was the first and as of then, the only manufacturer of fresh pasta in South Carolina. I lost my business in Hurricane Hugo in 1989. Becoming a chef/saucier didn’t just go away for me. While I toiled in the corporate world of banking, I nurtured my craft as a chef on my days off and on holidays. When I lost my corporate job, no fault of my own- I reinvented myself yet again. This time in wine/spirits. The cocktail whisperer grew out of an alliance with an online magazine known at the time as Served RAW. They dubbed me their cocktail whisperer and the name stuck.