Tweet Read the entire article here, at Forbes If there is a flavor that most exemplifies aromatics of the British countryside- it would be the profusion of herbs and flowers that bloom along the thorny hedgerows lining the narrow pathways. Of course, to experience this in real life would meanContinue Reading

Tweet by Zoe Wilder Without cannabis, drinks are basic. Whether you’re hosting a soiree, brunching with friends, or planning a romantic dinner, these three alluring alcohol and cannabis-infused libations by guest contributors (and epicureans)  Elise McRoberts, Rabib Rafiq, and Jason Eisner will set the tone for the occasion. Since mixing cannabis and alcohol canContinue Reading

TweetIt’s Iowa and Corn Means Craft — Cedar Ridge Distilling: Whiskey Warren Bobrow Grandpa Melvin’s Hands  (Leica M8) It takes more than great ingredients to make craft whiskey. It takes patience and time, that is for certain. But most importantly, after all the bills are paid- whiskey takes great passion.Continue Reading

TweetKlaus and I had a wonderful time last night at Stone Ridge Wine & Spirits, Thanks to everyone who came to meet Klaus and taste our cocktails! And a special thanks to everyone who purchased my books! Cheers!  Continue Reading