Mark Vierthaler (@Cocktails_365) When you reach for a bottle to find that it’s empty, it’s important to be ready to improvise. Whether it’s fruit that’s out of season, that bottle of super rare aperitif that you’re dying to mix up, or you’ve simply run out of one of yourContinue Reading

Product Review:  Source Vapes… As Twitter is the arbiter of “leveling the playing field” I bring attention to the plethora of smoking mechanicals that litter the marketplace.  With all due reverence to the companies that make high end products, there are many others that are not up to snuff.  IContinue Reading JUNE: THAI SPICED GINGER BEER   Listen up, folks. The Cocktail Whisperer, Warren Bobrow, is here with an earthy, refreshing, well-balanced summer cocktail that’s utterly unique. Introducing: the Thai-Spiced Ginger Beer, with flavors of root beer, mint, and ginger. Warren Bobrow is an award-winning author, mixologist, cocktail journalist, spiritsContinue Reading

The hottest home accessory I can think of right now is a bar cart! It’s all the rage! Why? Because everyone loves a cocktail, and everyone loves an easily accessible cocktail. This functional piece of furniture allows you to proudly display your collection of liquor and glasses, and everything is presentedContinue Reading Flavor is such a personal thing.  Now add color to the equation.  Are you a bartender who finds that their darker spirits seem to sell better than those lighter ones?  I hope you don’t find me presumptuous when I tell you that you’re fooling your clientele.  What?  Dark doesn’tContinue Reading Drinking healing cannabis concoctions dates back thousands of years. As early as 1000 BC, a beverage called bhang was prepared in India: a combination of cannabis, ghee (clarified butter), milk and spices, used as an anesthetic and anti-phlegmatic. Fast-forward to 1839 when W.B. O’Shaughnessy, the first Western physician toContinue Reading