WILD TABLE – Billy Reid: Bourbon, Branch and a Splash of Southern Lore by Warren Bobrow Back in the eighties I bartended a bit, drank a fair amount of good bourbon in carefully learned, hand-crafted mint juleps, and cooked the line in a fine, white tablecloth restaurant near the historicContinue Reading

The Hand-Crafted Mint Julep by Warren Bobrow, Wild Table editor, food writer and cocktail whisperer . Heat and humidity is what says “Charleston, South Carolina” in the summertime. The air, thick with the sour smell of decay from the confluence of the Cooper and the Ashley Rivers at low tide.Continue Reading

http://www.modenus.com/blog/kitchendesign/tgifwarren-bobrows-cocktail-hour-late-summer-peach-punch  We are happy, no, ecstatic to be able to introduce you to our newest contributor. Warren Bobrow does not write about design, and yet, his work is all about designing; designing the perfect drink that is. Warren’s ability to not only create masterful cocktails but to carefully craft descriptionsContinue Reading

http://www.modenus.com/blog/modenusatlarge/tgif-cocktail-hour-with-warren-bobrow  The Jimi Cocktail I certainly didn’t invent this, but what I did do is refine it with “slapped” mint and a cucumber round and Rhum Agricole (or white Rum). 2 shots of Hendricks Gin 1 shot Rhum Agricole or white Rum 1 European (seedless) cucumber peeled and sliced intoContinue Reading