Brian Weiss: Co/Founder & CEO LA Cannabis News


Brian and I have much in common. His legacy is in the Motion Pictures industry as is my own. His grandfather was an industry legend, as was mine, whereas his grandfather was liked, mine was a difficult person, well proven with the David Begelman scandal still resonating in motion picture infamy. His grandfather was on the production side of the industry (William Morris Agency), whereas mine was more the business side (New York) of the movie biz. (Vice-Chairman of the board of Columbia Pictures) We have much in common with families and the stigmas surrounding cannabis, leading to our connection in cannabis journalism. I think what Brian is doing deserves a second look with his intellectually stimulating publication leading the way in cannabis news.

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Five Succinct Questions With Darren Roberts CEO/Cofounder Green Mile Holdings

Darren Roberts

Green Mile Holdings

Darren Roberts, CEO and Co-Founder

I was never one for pure metrics, I find them cold and emotionless. Accountants on the other hand are excited when they see numbers, because they represent possibilities. The social vertical named High There! is far beyond the cold metrics and back end user interfaces that make my eyes glaze over. Business intelligence is what this is named. Someone has to do it well and Green Mile Holdings have become an industry leader based on something I like to call smarts. They call it qualitative. I like that the world becomes seamless and proactive.

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Ganjarillo: The Very Finest Expression In The Art Of A Cannagar


For those of us who want the very best, the absolute pinnacle of achievement in cannabis there are many paths to take. Being a minimalist, I like to err to the wonderful experiences that I’ve had, smoking the finest flowers that money can buy. Most of the names blur by, I have my favorites over the past few years and you know who you are. However the topic that has caught my eye recently, is the one that starts


with a C and ends with an R. That’s right, the cannagar!

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Five Intrinsic Questions With Amanda Ostrowitz, CEO & Founder Cannaregs

Amanda Ostrowitz, CEO/Founder Cannaregs
Amanda Ostrowitz © J.MIMNA PHOTOGRAPHY

Amanda Ostrowitz, CEO & Founder

Cannaregs makes it easy to keep up with the deeply confusing world of regulations pertaining to legal cannabis in one, easy-to-use database. It’s essential to always have the most up to day information at one’s hands for immediate use.

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Five Responsive Questions With Adrian Sedlin, Effervescent CEO Of Canndescent

Adrian Sedlin, Canndescent

I’ve traveled out to see Canndescent near Palm Springs, California when they were still a pretty small company. They had some really big dreams and were well on their way to deep success when last I touched base. I’d read that they had secured some massive funding and they were ramping up production to satisfy the need for truly elegant, top-of-the-house cannabis. Fast forward to present day. Canndescent is a market leader in the niche of craft cannabis and with legalization moving eastward and new markets opening, the world of legal cannabis doesn’t seem like such a small place any longer. Canndescent is growing organically and the legal cannabis market is finding out that quality and quantity are no longer misnomers. They mean the top end of the world, that rare place where quality translates into profit!

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Five Questions With Andrew Mack: Founder/CEO Of Project Make And OLO

Andrew Mack OLO CEO

Five Questions with Andrew Mack: Founder and CEO of Project Make and OLO

I’ve enjoyed the good fortune to have shared time at the dinner table with Andrew Mack, the gracious and humble owner of Project Make & OLO. We spent a lovely several hours drinking some pretty serious wines along with some well matched “Country Cuisine” from the restaurant named simply, Lazy Bear in San Francisco. Andrew is humble about his many achievements with an easy smile and a kind voice. He may be from the Big City (New York) but he speaks patiently offering tidbits of what he is thinking of working on next, without saying too much. There is much going on in Andrew’s brain, he is an entrepreneur and a dreamer of big things. Aren’t they similar? No, not at all. Andrew thinks in crisp metrics and dreams in possibilities. He’s an intellect without making everyone else feel uncomfortable. Share a meal with him, you’ll see! Until then, please enjoy meeting Andrew Mack. He’s a good guy, enjoy his energy and enthusiasm. Cheers! wb

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Five Focused Questions With Erin Gore Founder Of Garden Society

nice headshot of Erin Gore

Erin Gore, Founder of Garden Society

It’s ironic that the very flowers that I desire the most are the ones which are the most illusive to find out east. Of course if circumstances permitted, I’m pretty sure I could find the time to taste through the line of Garden Society offerings out on the west coast if I only got out there more often! Hence the written word and the ability to create thirst out of words. When I started to dig a bit deeper, I learned that Garden Society, like the wine propagated in the region had many similarities. One of the most profound was the use of Biodynamics. My own childhood farm was for a time, Certified Biodynamic. It’s pretty stringent and Organics are another route entirely. Rudolph Steiner, the father of Biodynamics may not have used cannabis, but his theories and practices adhere to these principals in the garden with alacrity.

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Five Brilliant Questions With MagicalButter’s Iram Cesani

Iram Cesani is an award-winning digital marketing professional.
Iram Cesani is an award-winning digital marketing professional.COURTESY: MAGICALBUTTER

Digital marketing professional Iram Cesani is the kind of gentleman I’d love to spend some time talking with over a multi-course meal. Always smiling, much like myself, I was compelled to meet one of the core team members behind the MagicalButter machine at Hall of Flowers in Santa Rosa, so I did. Afterwards, I thought it wise to learn more about him and what an interesting conversation this turned into. 

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Five Different Questions With Troy Ivan, CEO Of ExtractCraft

Lee_Colby_booth photo copy

Botanicals are our gateway to natures flavors, scents, and medicine. People have been using botanicals for pleasure, nutrition, and medicine for as long as we have existed. Botanical uses started with using the plants in their natural form, or, making a simple infusion or tincture. Later we learned how to substantially increase the potency of botanicals by using extraction. The difference is that natural plant material, infusion, and tinctures hold the scents, flavors, and medicinal values but they can be too weak and/or adulterated with other oils, butters or alcohols to host the collected botanical oils. The only way to arrive at a pure and highly potent end product is to implement and extraction process to isolate only the botanical oil harvested from the original material. The list of home remedies and botanical applications is very long, people use a lavender or chamomile extract for calming. Just a small dab of these on the wrist brings an almost instantaneous wave of calming to the entire body.  The oil from citrus peel can relive arthritis and joint pain in minutes where other medications fail miserably. More dire and serious conditions like cancer, epilepsy, PTSD, depression, opiate addiction, MS, Parkinson’s, and many more are now being treated with cannabis and CBD and this is where intense interest in our home extraction equipment and community really gets stoked. Once people try cannabis and CBD and experience great success, they are quickly confronted with the problems of using extracts. The problems range from price, availability, quality, potency, reliable testing, and contamination. Using ExtractCraft equipment to do your own extraction puts the control of what is going into your body in your own hands.

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